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2016-09-30 at 17:15
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2016.09.30 Communiqué NWAI DOM MAKLERSKI S.A. cease to act as a Market Maker, as of September 30th 2016, for the shares of the following companies..., read more
2016.09.30 Communiqué TRIGON DOM MAKLERSKI S.A. as of October 3rd 2016 will act as market animator for the shares of the company ONICO S.A. (PLONCTR00028)., read more
2016.09.29 LEONIDAS CAPITAL S.A (Communiqué) Due to the business name change of LEONIDAS CAPITAL S.A. (PLPBLIA00012) to TECH INVEST GROUP S.A. as from October 3rd, 2016 shares of the company will be quoted under the abbreviated name „TECHINVGR” and designation „TIG”., read more
2016.09.29 NCIndex (Communiqué) Following the trading session on September 29, 2016, there will be an extraordinary adjustment and shares of VIVID company (ISIN PLVVDGM00014) will be excluded from the portfolio of NCIndex. , read more
2016.09.28 QUBICGAMES (Communiqué) DOM MAKLERSKI BANKU OCHRONY ŚRODOWISKA - as of September 29th, 2016 will act as a Market Maker for the shares of the company QUBICGAMES, read more
2016.09.26 NCIndex (Communiqué) Following the trading session on September 26, 2016, there will be an extraordinary adjustment and shares of SFKPOLKAP company will be excluded from the portfolio of NCIndex, read more
2016.09.26 POLSKA MEAT (Communiqué) DOM MAKLERSKI BDM - as of September 27th, 2016 will act as a Market Maker for the shares of the company POLSKA MEAT S.A., read more
2016.09.26 IFUN4ALL (Resolution No. 951/2016) concerning introduction of series A and B bearer ordinary shares of the company IFUN4ALL S.A. to the alternative trading system on the NewConnect market, read more
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NewConnect provides with the opportunity to co-finance innovative companies and share in the rewards of their rapid growth. Trading is organised and regulated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange which has spared no effort to ensure that NewConnect is a highly transparent market with the security of trading which is normally expected in public markets.
NewConnect opens up entirely new opportunities to investors, offering:
  • easy access to promising, dynamically growing companies from Poland and the region,
  • low transaction costs,
  • all advantages of stock exchange trading including, first and foremost, security of trading.

NewConnect was specifically designed with less restrictive regulations and disclosure requirements in mind.

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NewConnect is intended for dynamic companies which need a capital injection to leverage their innovative potential and so to grow and join the ranks of large, high-value businesses.
NewConnect is for companies:
  • seeking to raise between a few hundred thousand to a few million zlotys or even higher levels of capital,
  • from innovative sectors relying on intangible assets, such as, e.g. information technology, electronic media, biotechnologies, environment protection, alternative energy, modern services, as well as innovative companies from other sectors,
  • with high growth dynamics,
  • with a vision and a chance for a regulated market debut (WSE’s main floor) in future.
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